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Our Mission

Dummy Content- Our Mission is to improve overall personality development of the tribal students, of India, Where 54 % of the learning community coming from, poor Socio-economic financial background. Here, education is given least important / priority. The concept of investment on human being has no signifies in their life. Here our mission receives impetus significance for developing greatest ability among the down trodden Section of the society and also tries to bring them into national stream. Here we, focus on making quality education with overall personality development of our students more accesable and affordable way, so that many of them could purse their dream of excellence in short span. In our mission, we believe that our children could help, to make the world a better place. It is also our mission to develop acculturisation among these learning community to understand investment on human capital gains much significance in future generations together. We are sure that these dreams will come true, once the society gets benefits from the present generation.

Promoting Body

Dummy Content - Indian Cultural Association is established, with other members with the ideology and thoughts for social cause in the year ----. It is registered with Registrar of Societies (Madhya Pradesh) as a non proprietary, non- profit organization with the main objectives to develop and propagate educational programs, by establishing well – infrastructured schools, colleges, universities or other educational institutions at city and other tribal dominated areas of ---. Here admissions are open to all, without any discrimination of race, Caste or creed or religions. We strongly believe that our mission will help to make the world a better place. The Core of our vision is to inculcate Knowledge in the mind of our young students, moral, ethical values on heart and along with a sense of commitment towards. Elders / disabled, needy and the society as a whole.

Principals Message

Dear Parents,

Dummy Content - Dreams though fantasy are not always imaginary. They are related to our desires, that are curious to get there fulfillment. Hence our dreams can be translated into reality by perseverance, continuous hard work, firm determination and staunch belief in one’s abilities and of course, we are prone to do long chain of efforts.

Dummy School envisages to bring a chance in current social setup through children, who will develop and all round personality, free from all inhibition and prejudices, social of religious, so that they may become a useful and responsible citizen of a large democracy and above all a good human being.

We are proud of our past cultural heritage, present achievements and future vision. Eradication of evils from the society will be done by the children if value-based education is imparted to them along with the current syllabus.

Since children learn through imitations, we present examples before them, through teacher and parents. We are promised bound bring integration, harmony and peace for everyone.

Apparently, it seems to be a difficult task but I have strong faith in the capacities of my children. I hope, with the team of Dedicated and Determined teachers along with enlightened parents like you, we will be successful in bringing complete Development in them.